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Case Study: Step by Step tires buying guide

  Case Study Overview

Trying to purchase a brand new set of tires for my vehicle started out as an enjoyable task but by the end of the day, 4 hours alter I was worn out.

Long Time Researching

I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching suitable models of tires, different tire brands and weighing up pro’s and cons to decide the perfect tire. Then once I selected the right tire I had to find the best price. These tasks take time as you know.Bridgestone-Blizzak-Tires

At the start of the day my focus soon drifted and without a plan or list of steps to simplify and collect all my relevant data on the tires I soon found myself surfing hundreds of tire websites and found myself going in circles to find the best deal.

Trying to pinpoint the perfect tire without a method is madness and is no way to find the correct tire for your vehicle. A full day of gathering tire information, and researching the different models that are suitable for my vehicle got me dizzy.

Helping Others: Tire Buying Guide

I thought, wait a minute why don’t I document this procedure step by step to help others source tires whatever brand, type or style.bridgestonelm32

After nailing down my method into simple steps I managed to shave a load of time off the whole the selection process so I’ve outlined my steps in this simple tire buying guide and detailed the whole method in this case study.

I have all the info, hand written in my personal notes, so I’m busy now typing the whole thing up into easy digestible chunks and will post it here on this tire blog.bridgestonedmv1

My research was thorough and I do hope you find this useful, it will not only save you time but money also.

Simple Tire Buying Steps (in no particular order)

  • Driving Conditions

The guide will explain how driving conditions affect your tire buying decision. The USA is home to a varied climate and driving conditions vary from state to state.

An easy example to understand is consider you live in a climate that snows for 3 months of the year you should really consider winter tires as part of a solution to your tire selection.

Snow tires save lives in treacherous driving conditions and drastically reduce braking distances especially when they are used on icy and snow filled roads. It is a good idea to keep a log of all your previous purchases so you have a history of your tire buys. One technique for the enthusiast is that you can setup a free website with a hosting company and setup WordPress and document all your buys so they are clearly available online whenever you want to check

Dangerous Tires

  • Tire Budget

Pretty self explanatory really. But what is not, is that expensive tires don’t necessary mean a quality tire for your specific vehicle there are many factors that the guide analyses to help you buy the right tire brand for your vehicle.

It also worth stating here that sale tires or cheap tires do not necessarily mean poor value for money. The many factors discussed in this blog post all contribute to your buying decision.

  • Tire Brands, Tire Size and Tread Life

I found a plenitude of different brands, tire sizes, and varying tread life whilst exploring the different tire selection.

Each of these factors contributes to tire choice and tire price. You can still buy tires for sale that have great speed ratings, fantastic tread and other favorable tire metrics.

Car Radar Detectors

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  • Style of Driver

Do you drive conservatively or aggressively? If so, each of these common driving characteristics lead to a specific choice of tire.

All tires are not equal and your driving style contributes enormously in buying a suitable tire.

Im sure there are not too many Taxi Drivers out there reading this, …hopefully!

  • Vehicle Type

Do you have a sports vehicle, uprated suspension or do you only take the vehicle out on a Sunday afternoon for a lazy drive?

Depending on what vehicle you drive will determine what tire you purchase.

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